The boys were on para-anchor fixing a power problem; all solved now, and everyone is having a good day.

They’ve been battling issues with their solar chargers and batteries for a while. They’ve also been smashed by some walloping waves. Last night the crew were caught out by a wave which the rowers (Si and Josh), couldn’t see until it hit the boat. It sounds as though things were getting rough out there for a bit and so the crew deployed their para-anchor for a few hours, which is why their course and speed changed direction so much.

The crew have rewired the unhelpful solar charger and reset it with instructions from Andy Smith. and…it works. They have both working and are very happy with themselves.

They hauled the parachute anchor in shortly after dawn and are cracking on, eating up the miles to Hawaii. It does appear as though the record may be a bit of a stretch for them given the challenges they have encountered so far but never say never. With the favourable conditions the crew are now experiencing anything is possible.

We understand they don’t have time to do anything other than row, eat and sleep. So, if we don’t hear anything for a few days don’t panic.

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