Things are on the up… weather has turned, currents are gently pushing the team along, and the ocean has flattened. The last few days has seen their mileage increase each time and they just broke 60nm today – a solid team effort all day and night to make it happen.

For Si, it’s been a good 24hrs. His shoulder injury had shown great progress and then in the way they always do, reverted to square one. The continued support and most of all patience from the rest of the team has been amazing and finally… (fingers crossed), he’s got back to rowing full hours throughout the day. Conditions have really helped, so the real test will be when the ocean picks up again, but he’s taking the win for now and relieved to be contributing properly to progress again.

Today (26th) should be a big day, as they hope to break through the 1000 miles to go marker, and the countdown to Hawaii can truly begin. It will be a big morale boost, and with any luck they can continue to make good progress each day, with the end not far out of reach.

Yesterday, one of the team had to leave the boat and swim around, over 1000 miles from land in every direction, to check the bottom of the boat for growths and damage. All in order, no shark attacks, and no jelly fish stings. But I bet it was scary all the same, knowing there was 4-5,000ft of water underneath you, with who knows what swimming around in it!

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