Darren, Aaron, Simon & Josh finally set out from Monterey late on 31st May.

Their first problem – unbeknownst to them the bank had declined their payment (as it thought it was a hoax), and they have been without communications – hence no blogs. They hope to get this sorted soon. Until then, I’ll try and summarise what has been happening so far.

The weather has been mixed, but largely unhelpful. Strong winds and swirling currents have been making things tough. As a result, the boys have worked harder and longer than hoped, whilst being pushed further south than ideal. The currents near the US coast generally move North to South, before turning Westerly when you get far enough West. You must battle your way out to those favourable currents, before you are swept to Mexico, then onto South America …

Having missed one chance to catch favourable currents (as they were blown south of them), they now have one last chance before they are swept so far south that it will be difficult to row back against the current. The battle is likely to continue for a few days until, hopefully, they will reach the currents that will start taking them West.

Their last communication confirmed that they have hit their intended waypoint, but the weather had worsened, and they were struggling to row the boat as Westerly as they would like. Going against wind, waves and tide means it will be tough, wet, and cold rowing for a while yet. Fingers firmly crossed that the next hours and days bring them better weather and those all so vital westerly currents.

Keep monitoring the live tracker map on our website (www.endurancelimits.net/live-tracker), and I’ll post again shortly if the boys can’t post themselves.

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