Not a huge amount to report today… we keep plugging away. It feels good to be in the 900’s and tomorrow will see in the 800’s, so the countdown is well and truly on. Conditions haven’t been as good, with a little swell coming from the east making the water choppy and therefore speed a little slower. As the day went by things have returned to normal and good progress has resumed.

Our pace has been picking up with back-to-back 60nm days A lot of hard work, but the result gives a huge morale boost to everyone.

The killer is still night-time rowing – there are 6 night-time shifts for each pair and the first 2 to 3 are fine, but the rest are debilitating, with sleep deprivation at its worst. It’s manageable, but we all struggle through, and daylight is a true joy to behold.

With 50-60 miles per day, it means we can regular tick off 100 miles. It is really starting to feel like Hawaii is within reach.

Talk has already switched to dreaming about the things we either miss most or will want to do once we reach land – from simply sitting in a proper seat, or sofa; to food, drink and of course a comfortable bed and some proper ZZZ’s

If we can continue at this rate then an arrival of July 12th is possible. It’s great even being able to begin thinking about arrival dates… and burgers… and beer… and pizza… and showers… and beds… we could go on and on here, as the list is long and growing rapidly.

No doubt the ocean has a few more surprises up her sleeve, which will make our run in far from smooth.

We’re ready!

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