We’ve heard from the boys and got a bit more information about what has been happening.

They are about 450 miles out, and all eating and drinking well.

Apparently the MPPT charger (whatever that is), broke and the batteries were running down. Thankfully, they managed to rewire the batteries, despite rolling around in 40ft waves. I’m sure we’ll hear all sorts of stories about them using chewing gum and coat hangers when they re-tell this incident over a few pints. 😊

The lack of power has meant sacrifices, including having to hand pump their water – which I know from experience is tough work and takes ages. To generate enough they would have had to take a turn on the hand pump if they weren’t rowing.

Thankfully, the sun is now out, the weather is calmer, and the lads are all feeling food. Despite losing one solar panel, the batteries are charging again.

But this good weather isn’t forecast to last long. In fact, the boys are turning south to avoid a weather system coming their way. Hopefully, they can avoid the worst of it and start turning West again soon.

Keep going lads!

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