Return of the rogue wave!

As we’ve mentioned before, our progress has been dictated by the conditions. As the wind speed picks up (assuming it is coming from the right direction), there comes a point where it is pushing you faster than you can row, so all you can do is lift your oars from the water and let it take over… a fantastic feeling!

The downside is overnight rowing. This can be more challenging, as there is often less wind and messy water destabilising the boat. This leads to shins, knees and hands all taking the brunt of many crashes and the damage is really starting to show on us all.

A few weeks back we took a couple of big hits from large waves – since then it has all been relatively civil. Last night, however, when on top of the swell that was mainly going in our direction, there were occasional waves travelling left to right as we row. Mostly these are just disruptive, but occasionally a much bigger and faster wave would rip through. These would lead to water rolling over the side and soaking whoever was on deck. All manageable, just annoying. However, one wave hit us at such force it knocked the whole boat sideways, ripping oars from hands and sending us flying off seats.

Speaking of flying… the fish were literally throwing themselves at us last night. We’ve had the occasional fish in the boat and even a squid or two previously, but this time you could see them leaping over one side of the boat to the other. Unfortunately for some they weren’t as adept as their mates, so ended up with an untimely death on our deck. They seemed to like Arron the most and would literally throw themselves at him… love at first sight!

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