4 Ordinary guys attempting the EXTRAORDINARY

Darren Clawson

Police Officer, Herts

 “The hardest distance you will ever have to cover is the six inches between your ears”.

Rowing 2,700 miles from California to Hawaii is just another example of this. I have run through the Jungle in Brazil, through cloud forests on the side of the Andes Mountains in Peru and across an entire country… I’m just an average man attempting to avoid living an average life.

I started Endurance Limits as a response to my son not recovering after being taken very seriously ill. The disabilities and challenges he faces daily make those I’ve faced during our expeditions and adventures pale into insignificance. When the going gets tough, I try to keep this in mind.

More than anything, I want to stand on our boat, with the guys, and light a flare in the harbour as we arrive in Oahu. To share in that moment and watch their joy. I have poured myself into the goal of completing this row and raising the funds required for St Elizabeth’s.

This is a legacy project for me: the scale of it is intimidating and the goals so huge they seem improbable at the best of times, but I simply will not allow myself or the team to fail!

Heads down… Let’s get this done… Someone make sure there is a cold one waiting for me when I arrive!

Arron Worbey


Police Officer, Herts

As always, it’s a privilege to be part of the Endurance Limits Team! I am absolutely thrilled to be taking on this world record rowing attempt with them.

I was born and raised in Hertfordshire England and I am the baby of the team at 39 years old, sorry team I need to milk that fact as much as I can! My main career has been working for Hertfordshire Constabulary for nearly 20 years.

Those who know me, know I am no stranger to extreme challenges in extreme enviroments… and that it doesn’t always go right for me! I have a real passion for adventure, pushing my limits, and always give 100% in everything I do.

I have been blessed with an amazing family and brilliant friends – without their incredible support, this latest challenge would not be possible.

Most importantly and at the forefront of my mind is for the children at St. Elizabeth’s. Every rowing stroke I take, for thousands of miles, is for that cause!

See you on the water.

Josh Tills

Personal Trainer, Herts

I am the second newbie of the Endurance Limits team, having only joined two weeks before our departure to the start line. Not only is it a huge feat to prepare for a challenge like this with limited time, replacing Darren Baker after his untimely injury means I have some big shoes to fill.

At 26 years old, I have also managed to take the title of ‘youngest team member’ from Aaron. Although I think we’d all agree I’m sometimes the only grown up here… especially after a few shandies.

I might be the youngest, but by no means am I ill-prepared. My job as a personal trainer keeps me very active and my ethos regarding training has always been to be the physical embodiment of a utility knife – ready to take on any given task when needed. I’m a keen marathon and ultramarathon runner. But after hearing of the extreme jungle runs the guys have completed, I vowed to join the team on their next adventure. After all, growth takes place outside of your comfort zone. I’m strangely excited to see how I fare bobbing around in the middle of the brutal and vast Pacific Ocean.

I feel honoured to be a part of the team completing such a tremendous task, as well as, of course, contributing to such worthy causes. Their work is so vital and impactful to those lives who need it most – and this will be a big motivator for me when my mind is telling me to stop rowing.

I look forward to raising a glass of something cold, at the finish line, with the lads.

Simon Evans

SVP for an IT Consultancy, Cheltenham, Glos

I am the newbie to the Endurance Limits Team, but I have the distinct advantage of knowing which way round to sit in the boat, though previous crew members may dispute this!

I have a competitive background in endurance rowing and cycling. My rowing background is from growing up in Cambridge and I had the privilege of training and competing with some of the best sports people in the world. However, that was two daughters and many, many beers ago… plus I have never gone through any kind of ultra-endurance challenge, so I shall continue to live in blissful ignorance until it is too late to turn back!

The achievements of the Endurance Limits Team inspires me. Doing things that people think are impossible motivates me. Raising funds for such amazing causes fills me with courage. I’m not sure what or who I will find out there, but I do know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it isn’t going to come easily.

I have awesome support in place with my family behind me every step of the way and friends supporting and (sometimes) joining in with training.

This will be the biggest mental and physical test I have done by far… so whilst Darren C. wants a cold one when we make shore… please can I have at least two!!

To reach our goal, we need YOU ONBOARD!




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