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Based in Hertfordshire, St. Elizabeth’s supports over 200 vulnerable children and adults with severe learning disabilities and complex medical needs, often caused or complicated by epilepsy and/ or autism.

They offer medical, educational, and residential support, providing specialist care 24-7, helping to keep their community safe and happy, whilst enabling them to live life to the fullest. Creating opportunities and increasing independence through skills development is at the heart of St Elizabeth’s mission.

Today, St. Elizabeth’s is the only UK charity providing specialist care, education, and living facilities for people of all ages with severe epilepsy and other complex needs.

This is Personal

Hadley, the 14-year-old son of Darren Crawson, (founder of ‘Endurance Limits’), developed severe epilepsy as a young boy. As a result, he has severe physical and learning disabilities.

Requiring specialist care, 24-7, Hadley lives and studies at St. Elizabeth’s.

Hydrotherapy is an essential part of his care, ensuring the strengthening of muscles, developing his mobility, managing pain, and providing fun.

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Our Goal – A New Hydrotherapy Pool

St. Elizabeth’s has embarked on a large-scale fundraising drive to build an on-site Hydrotherapy pool at their rural Hertfordshire site.

Currently, residents at St. Elizabeth’s have to go to either Cambridge or Waltham Abbey to be able to use a fully accessible poolthis limits the numbers that can benefit from hydrotherapy as a 1 hour session can take up to 4 hours due to traveling, impacting on the school students’ education.

Benefits of an on-site hydrotherapy pool:

Many more children and adults having access to the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Longer, more sustained programs of support (currently they access hydrotherapy for just 6 weeks blocks)

Creates an income generating program by offering private hire of the pool to other parties.

With so many children and adults needing hydrotherapy, and with only a few timeslots available at off-site venues, Hadley’s sessions are limited, and have to be rotated with the other students. For some of his peers, off-site hydrotherapy isn’t possible at all, because the journey is too long for them and can cause behavioural issues and/or seizure activity – even though it would offer them significant therapeutic advantage.


To reach our goal, we need YOU ONBOARD!




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