“Make us the fastest, most stable rowing boat ever built”


Not many people row an ocean, so there are not many people who make ocean rowing boats. Luckily, the best in the world lives in the beautiful seaside village of Beer (near Seaton), Devon.

Sea Sabre was founded and is owned by experienced boat builder and ocean rower Justin Adkin.

When the Endurance Limits crew first approached Justin, we had a simple request “Make us the fastest, most stable rowing boat ever built”. Sounds reasonable, but fast boats by design aren’t usually the most stable and vice-versa… Luckily, Justin likes a challenge.

Rowing the Pacific Ocean is not like rowing the Atlantic, where prevailing currents and winds generally push you towards your destination. The Pacific is more of a washing machine and finding helpful conditions is a rarity, rather than the norm. Our boat, therefore, had to be robust enough to deal with everything that might be thrown at it, whilst still being sleek enough to give us a realistic chance of achieving a world record.

Our boat is 8.2m (26.9ft) long, 1.72m (5.6ft) at the widest point, and from the bottom of the skeg to top of main cabin is 1.56m (5.1ft).

We didn’t plan for COVID-19, which impacted the building process greatly. Instead of having a boat we could start practicing in from summer 2020, completion wasn’t until mid-February 2021.

We are now unable to test the boat before it must be shipped to the US. It is a good thing we trust Justin, as the first time it will ever be put in the water will be at the start line in Monterey, California!

To reach our goal, we need YOU ONBOARD!




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