We have made the 200 miles to go mark! It is early morning on the 9th for us (Hawaii is 3 hours behind California and 11 hours behind the UK). The impact of our earlier slow progress can now be seen, and it is not pretty. Unless there is divine intervention and Herculean effort, we will not make land on the 11th. The following day is the target, but any further delays would mean the 13th. As you track our progress raise a loud cheer every time you see us do over 50miles on the day and add a fist pump if it is over 60!

There has been contact with the US Coast Guard on our behalf through our Monterey technical wizard Alan, so they know we are coming and have been keeping a close eye in case we need assistance. A huge thank you goes out to them for their service and for being behind us every stroke of the way.

And given we will not make land in time – good luck England… it is coming home!

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