Due to the power issues, we’ve been having with solar and battery storage we’ve been on minimum systems, so only powering up the BGAN for the first time. Here’s a little update:

It has been so tough! The first day or so was as we planned with predicted weather etc. However, things started turning for the worst with strong winds and currents which refused to let us head out as west as we wanted. It was also very wet… I think we all in wet kit for the entire time as no sooner had you changed, but you got drenched again. It wasn’t all bad though, there’s been a lot of big wave surfing – probably up to 30 feet! This also led to a couple of nights on para-anchor as it was just too rough to proceed in the dark.

We’ve just turned a corner and have been heading southwest, waiting, and waiting for the currents to migrate west. We pushed hard all night, all day, and all night and finally we have been rewarded this morning. Everyone is exhausted, but the sun is shining, and the boat runs quick so with any luck we’ll see some good progress over the next couple of days – anything above 50 miles in a day is good.

We have been given a target to get to our next waypoint which is 112 miles away in 48 hours.
Or we will get caught up in another bad weather front – so we are putting our skates on and making a run for the sun!

Team are happy and confident and doing a great job of looking after each other.

All good! Wish us luck!!!

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