It doesn’t matter how worthy the cause, or how crazy the challenge being undertaken, raising money is always difficult. Now, understandably, it is more difficult than usual.


We have been incredibly lucky in that our main sponsor, Ascential, has provided all of the funds necessary to build our fully equipped boat. That unbelievable generosity has made the whole project viable. But, it doesn’t help us build a new hydrotherapy pool for St Elizabeth’s. To achieve that goal we need to encourage, cajole, and bully a lot of people into donating money.


But gaining some fund-raising momentum is not easy. People aren’t always keen to be the first to get involved. That it is why being able to announce that we have secured our first corporate sponsors is so important. We would like to thank Bank Brokers, Complete Marine Freight and YA Logistics for their support and generosity.


If you would like to make a real difference to the lives of children and adults with severe learning disabilities and complex medical needs, either visit our JustGiving page, or get in touch.

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