Going continues to be tough. Wind is favourable, but swell is mainly southerly.

The water is very choppy, and this makes rowing tricky. A few days back the winds were much stronger, and we were regularly soaked by waves, with swell 20ft+.

Josh and Si were hit a couple of times with total wipe outs from the side… luckily without capsizing. Josh hurt his hand in the process and Si’s left shoulder went. Si has been stretching and exercising since, as it’s rendered his rowing useless. He’s desperate to get back fit and contributing fully again – hopefully in the next 24-48hrs as its progressing well.

Our course has been focused on getting west without dropping south. It has made it tougher, but should pay off as the winds turn easterly over the next 2 days. From there we are (hoping) expecting a smooth week or two to prepare ourselves for the final few hundred miles into Hawaii.

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