Would you believe me if I told you their auto helm packed up an hour ago? Completely died.

No worries, they have replaced it, realigned the rudder and steering, and are are under way again.

It is now 100 nautical miles to the next, and final check point. Whilst they hoped for blue skies and fair seas as they approached Honolulu it is, however, blowing a gale and the wind is due to get stronger.

It is vital that they hit the next waypoint. The helpful, Westerly currents start to move northwards as you get close to the islands. So, you need to get inside these, into the channel, or risk getting carried up the coast and back out to sea. Should that happen, there will be no choice but to call in the coastguard.

Having battled this far, we are all hoping that they do not have success snatched away at the last hurdle.

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