We’ve spent the last few weeks preparing our boat, organising all our supplies and training out in Monterey Bay. Most of the preparation involves checking, improving our systems and ensuring we can deal with failures and repairs.

Food and water is essential as we have to carry or make all of our supplies. Per person we have approximately 25kg of freeze-dried meals and 2000 calories worth of snacks per day (another 20kg per person). All this adds a huge amount of weight when there are four of you. For our water we will desalinate everything we need with a pump which should produce 20 to 30 litres in an hour. However it is extremely power hungry, so we can only run it for short periods, as our power comes purely from solar panels and battery storage.

Our training schedule has been very flexible as we have been prioritising boat preparation and we are at the mercy of the wind and sea. Whilst we will face tough conditions on the crossing, bad weather makes it dangerous to get in and out of harbours, so we are essentially grounded until the wind drops below 20mph. Despite those challenges we have completed many sessions, which typically last 3-6 hours and have completed several overnight rows. The pace of the boat is really good and more than enough to challenge for the record – so fingers crossed.

Our original departure date was May 25th, however this was always dependent on the conditions. Unfortunately there are very high winds just off the Californian coast which are not shifting. So we are delayed until a window opens up – currently we are looking at a May 31st kick-off and a sprint over the first 150 miles (3 days) before the weather worsens again.

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