As we push closer and closer there is always the nagging feeling that the mighty Pacific is not quite finished with you yet.

We have been making excellent progress and averaging over 60 nautical miles each day, but yesterday ran into a brick wall. Speed dropped dramatically and no matter how hard we pushed we simply could not gain the boat speed we had become accustomed to.

Throughout the night we battled for every inch of every mile and this morning received news that we had hit a current running against us. This meant we had been fighting against 1-2 knots of water, which was why we were going to be 15 or so miles off our daily average.

The fight overnight depleted morale. We had seen dates getting closer and now they were slipping away. The news of the current was uplifting, because we had an explanation and a marker for when the water should shift back and push us onward to Hawaii.

We are starting to see the water change and keeping everything crossed that tonight’s sleep deprivation will yield good gains again. The question is will we still hit land late on the 11th or is the damage done and we must wait until the 12th?

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