It’s tough… morale is up and down for everyone as the thankless task continues. However, we have made it across the halfway line today.

Today was HOT! Like super-hot. We were all rowing in just our pants and the cabins were basically the equivalent of Pizza ovens. But the water was calm, and we had the tunes on.

Si thought he was making great progress with his shoulder and then had an awful night. But, demonstrating the mental toughness needed for this type of challenge, he came out determined to nail his shift. 100% focused, looking straight off the back of the boat, he was cheered up by what he thought was someone else’s bucket floating past. Unfortunately, it was our spare “waste” bucket.

Now this wouldn’t be too much of a problem, except we’d already lost our first bucket! It’s off the side of the boat from now on and we will just have to check what’s swimming around the boat before sicking our bottoms over the side! Perhaps the phrase “up sh@t creek…” now needs realigning? Sorry for the less than pleasant topic, but it is a harsh reality of ocean rowing.

Breaking halfway was a boost for us and we’ve sat and had dinner together on deck (with 2 still rowing but swapping in and out).

1070 miles left as we send this. Our goal is to be under 1000 to go by end of tomorrow.

Last 5 days mileage:
20th – 46
21st – 50
22nd – 53
23rd – 55
24th – 60

The second half should be quicker with favourable winds and currents, although given what we’ve experienced already, everyone is a little nervous about whether we will get these good times.

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