We’re on the run in!

We are typically covering 60+ nautical miles per day and if we can sustain this we will arrive at Waikiki yacht club on the 11th. It is so close and yet still so far away, we’re now only 10 days out!

Conditions are mainly still favourable, although with some of the challenges we’ve had it almost feels as though we’re waiting for something to turn against us. However, we push every day and night to get us quickly to the end. It’s safe to say that whilst morale is good, everybody wants off this boat and to be on dry land!

Last night we had a rare respite. It’s like god reached down with his right hand and said here’s the conditions you need to rest. The wind has blown us along at 3.5 knots without us putting an oar in the water. We have all stopped had a cup of tea on deck, a chat and some biscuits for an hour while making more ground than we have done most days rowing.

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